Car Race Rules

Dirt Track Racing

  1. All cars must be stock cars, trucks and suv's are allowed.  Must have stock suspension.  NO welding allowed. Only DOT tires are allowed.
  2. 4,6 and 8 cylinder classes.  If you have 4WD the driveshaft must be removed.
  3. Please remove all headlights and taillights.  It is recommended to remove side window glass or at least roll it down.
  4. You must have working seat belts and wear them.
  5. You must have working brakes!!
  6. 5 laps per heat, up to 6 cars per heat.  if more cars, we will run 2 or more heats, moving the top 3 cars to a feature heat.
  7. You will draw numbers for the order line up, per heat.
  8. All drivers and passengers MUST wear a helmet.  NO exceptions. No more than 4 people per car.
  9. You must have a visible number on the car.
  10. This is a NO CONTACT RACE! Any intentional hit or broken glass caused to another driver will result in a disqualification.
  11. No one under 16 will be allowed to participate.  16 & 17 year old's must have parental consent and a notarized signature on waiver before racing.
  12. Please watch the flagmen for warning and stoop flags as something may occur on the track.

Appliance Race Rules

  1. Sorry no trucks for this event.  All other vehicles may participate.
  2. Trunks and back hatches must remain closed at all times.
  3. Vehicles will make 4 laps.  1st lap- no appliances, the next 3 laps you will add 1 appliance per lap.  The 1st vehicle to cross the finish line with all 3 appliances is the WINNER!
  4. Get creative- you may need at least 3 ratchet straps, of your own.Trunks are not allowed so you will need to find a way to attach appliances to your vehicle.
  5. Only 3 people allowed per team.  1 driver and 2 helpers.
  6. You must wear a helmet for this race as well but seat belts will not be required as you may have to stop and retrieve you appliance that may have fallen off.

Entry fee is $15 per driver and $10 per pit person.

Also be prepared for a crowd or drivers choice race to be thrown in.

Trophies for 1st Place are awarded.

Award for Best Painted Car, chosen by the crowd as well.

For questions please call or text

Lonnie 715-733-0662

Pete 612-868-4824

Please download waiver here,  Car racing waiver