Car Race Rules

Please download waiver here to print and fill out, may be notarized as well ahead time.

Car racing waiver

To view current standings click here, 2023 drivers points list (1)

Auto Cross – Car Races

This year we are having an Auto Cross points event that includes 4 races in 5 different classes. You will earn points attending each and all events. The final event will be at the 2023 Central Burnett County Fair.

The 4 events will be held on the following dates. The 1st three events will be held on Saturday starting at 4pm. In case of rain, the rain date will be the next day on Sunday at 1pm. Please follow the Central Burnett County Fair Facebook page for race day any updates.

  1. 6-17-23 (Saturday at 4pm)
  2. 7-1-23 (Saturday at 4pm)
  3. 8-12-23 (Saturday at 4pm)
  4. 9-22-23 Final race (Friday at 7pm)

Points classes this year are the following:

  1. 4-cylinder vehicles
  2. 6-cylinder cars
  3. 6-cylinder trucks/vans/suv’s
  4. 8-cylider vehicles
  5. Appliance race


  1. Figure 8 class.
  2. Time permitting and if there is driver interest, we may add some fun classes.

You will earn points in the following ways:

  1. Show up AND run in your heat – 15-pts
  2. Heat winner – 5pts
  3. Feature race – 1st 20-pts

2nd 15-pts

3rd 10-pts

If you are still moving and racing and finish after 3rd place – 5 pts

  1. IF you participate in all 4 races – 25 bonus pts

Appliance race will run bracket style racing and all teams will be timed for placing. So each team will need to finish their race to determine placing if possible.

Points are earned per class. If you choose to run multiple classes your points CAN NOT be combined. If your vehicle gets wrecked in any night of the racing, You can have a backup vehicle for the next scheduled event in your class as long as it’s within the rules.


Each event in points classes will have trophy and $ for 1st & 2nd.

  1. 1st - $100
  2. 2nd - $50

Figure 8 class will be 100% payback and trophy.

Filler heats will be determined at event.

Final points in each class will have a champion and runner up winners.

  1. Champion - $400 and large trophy
  2. Runner up - $200 and trophy

If you participate in 2 or more events, you qualify for free entry of your vehicle in the light bone stock class (MWFA class) in Saturday nights demo derby on 9-23-23, if your vehicle fits the rules, if it does NOT fit the rules, you may move up to a class that you do fit.

Entry Fee:

  1. Points classes - $25/event or $75 for all 4 events paid by the 1st
  2. Figure 8 - $25 per event
  3. Pit passes - $20 and that allows you as a rider too.
  4. Additional classes if added - $10 each.


General rules:

  1. Stock cars, trucks, mini vans, suv's are allowed.
  2. Must have stock suspension.
  3. Please deactivate or remove air bags.
  4. Very limited welding allowed. See your class for what is allowed.
  5. Only DOT tires are allowed and can tube them.
  6. If you have 4WD one driveshaft must be removed.
  7. Remove all headlights and taillights.  It is recommended to remove side window glass or at least roll it down.
  8. You must have working seat belts and wear them.
  9. You must have working brakes!!
  10. You will draw numbers for the order line up, per heat.
  11. All drivers and passengers MUST always wear a helmet and seatbelt on the track.  NO exceptions. Stay in your vehicle, unless there is a safety issue such as a fire.
  12. You must have a visible number on the car or a roof sign with number.
  13. This is a NO CONTACT RACE! Any intentional hitting or broken glass caused to another driver will result in a disqualification.
  14. No one under 16 will be allowed to participate.  16 & 17 year old's must have parental consent and a notarized signature on waiver before racing.
  15. Please watch the flagmen for warning and stop flags as something may occur on the track.

Build Rules:

  1. Trucks must have a truck box, sheet metal over the frame rails or drive shaft safety loops securely attached.
  2. NO homemade bumpers.
  3. If your bumper is missing or rusted, you may replace it with a ‘like’ factory bumper. NO added metal. May weld bumper to factory brackets… But NO ADDED METAL!!!
  4. If you replace you gas tank or move factory tank to a new location, it MUST be securely fastened with metal brackets, bolts and/or metal straps. NO bungee or ratchet straps.
  5. Trucks must have a rear bumper or cap the frame rails with a flat strap, NOT to extend out past frame rails. Factory bumpers do not have to be trimmed.
  6. Recommend that cars have a rear bumper.
  7. Open Hood inspection. If your hood latch is questionable, you may add 2 hood pins.



Appliance Race Rules

  1. Follow general and build rules.
  2. Cars, vans, suv’s allowed. NO
  3. Only 3 people max per team. Driver and 2 helpers. All 3 may get out and add appliance per lap. All team members must be in the vehicle during lap racing. Arms may be out the windows to hold straps, No upper bodies, including your head, can be hanging out of the vehicle during lap racing. A 15 sec penalty maybe added if you’re caught. If it’s a continuous violation, you may be disqualified.
  4. Helmet required, but not seatbelts, this race only.
  5. You will race 4 laps. 1st lap is with no appliances, 2nd lap you will add 1 appliance, 3rd lap add another, 4th lap add the last. If at any time an appliance falls off, you must stop and put it back on vehicle.
  6. NO appliances in trunk, hatch back area, or inside vehicle.
  7. All appliances may be ratchet strapped to exterior of vehicle. Ex. Hood, trunk, roof. Or if your feeling lucky, you can hope it just stays on the vehicle during lap racing.
  8. Straps may be run through open windows or attached to exterior of vehicle (ex. Bumpers). You may prepare your vehicle for this race by adding holes to exterior sheet metal to hook straps, or weld rings for hooking straps. Straps must be free from vehicle and inside of vehicle at the start of the race. Must hook each strap when adding appliance.
  9. Please bring your own straps, 3 min recommended. We will have some available for purchase if needed.




Figure 8 Additional Rules.

  1. Follow general rules and build rules.
  2. NO riders in this class
  3. Any year car or truck allowed. If we get enough, we will separate cars and trucks, and run separate races.
  4. Remove seats, (except driver’s seat) and carpet from vehicle.
  5. Relocate gas tank to inside back seat area of vehicle. Also recommended to move battery to inside of vehicle.
  6. Trucks move gas tank to front part of box.
  7. Due to possible collision, driver’s door safety bar on outside and/or inside of driver’s door HIGHLY recommended.
  8. May add a safety bar behind drivers’ seat from door post to door post. If adding this, please use thick wall material.
  9. Hood pins maybe added.
  10. Please have a min 12” hole in center for fires.